Attendance Policies

Commitment to regular attendance is crucial to your child’s progress. If your child does miss a class, no refunds or reductions will be given. However, your child may make up the class during the same month. Please call or txt Miss Jody if your child cannot attend class. If your dancer is feeling under the weather but is not contagious please send them to observe the class. If they are sick please keep them home.  If you are part of the recital, you may not miss more than 3 classes from January until the recital.

General Policies

Tuition is due the first week of every month. After that a late fee is charged.

No food, gum, or drinks are allowed in the studio. Water bottles are encouraged.

Miss Jody’s Place to Dance reserves the right to terminate or refuse instruction to any student who does not comply with studio rules and/or is disruptive.

Pick up and drop off policy: If you are 5 – 10 minutes late to class you must warm -up before dancing. If you are more than 10 minutes late you may not dance but you are required to watch the class!.. When getting picked up any time over 10 minutes, you will be charged $10 for every 10 minutes.

Miss Jody’s place to Dance, and its employees, are not liable for any injury incurred by a student during class or while on the studio premises.

Observation Weeks

Parents are not allowed in the dance studio during class. A waiting area is available for parents who wish to wait for their child while class is taking place. We will have observation weeks periodically throughout the year for parents to see how their child is progressing. Flyers will be available detailing when observation weeks take place. Family and friends are encouraged to observe during these times, and of course cameras are welcome.